The Kampung Teluk Memali Old Mosque, located in Kampung Gajah, is also possibly the oldest building in its district and was built in 1910. In 1900, it was known as ‘Surau Kampung Teluk Memali’ and located on the banks of the Perak River. The building was then moved to a higher, safer current location due to erosion of the river banks. This event inspired an unknown resident to transform the current surau into a learning centre for formal religious teaching and also a communal centre for many for religious occasions. It is believed that an unknown resident of the village contributed his own money for the purpose, too.

The design of the Kampung Teluk Memali Old Mosque reflects most of the characteristics of many traditional Perak Malay houses in and around the area, with influences of the colonial and Chinese elements. It was built in response to the hot and humid climatic conditions with its pitched roof to enable rainwater to run off quickly.  A raised platform was used to raise the mosque above ground level so as to avoid floods and also unwanted animals from entering the premises. Many openings including louvred windows and carved panels were incorporated into the design to allow natural cross ventilation of air. The mosque was built by skillful craftsmen who displayed their craftsmanship, as seen in the detailing of the handrails, wall panels, fascia boards and mimbar, which features intricate flora motifs. This mosque was built without the inclusion of a minaret.