Rationale of the relocation and restoration of the mosque:

  1. a) The pristine beauty and richness of the architectural style of the Kampung Teluk Memali Old Mosque can be restored and preserved as a thriving tourist attraction and reference centre for the Malay architectural heritage.

    b) The cost for the relocation and refurbishment of the mosque is much lower and an economical option as compared to the cost of conventional construction.

    c) The construction of the mosque is much shorter and faster than a conventional construction.

    d) The relocation and restoration effort of this old building would also promote sustainable development through the reuse of existing building materials, such as the environmental friendly wood material.

    e) The existence of a surau is important as a place of worship, learning community centre for the local Muslim population.

    f) The proposed site has been allocated by the developer for building of a surau in a very strategic location of the residential area, thus it should be fully utilised as such.